Mission and Vision

The mission of the Community Coalition Alliance (CCA) is to serve as a collective voice of community coalitions and partners working towards the health and wellness of all Floridians. By bringing together coalitions across various communities – rural and urban, similar and different, this collective allows for opportunities to leverage efforts, ideas, and opportunities.

These efforts will allow members to join in CCA’s vision of communities that work together to provide Floridians a healthy, safe environment in which they can thrive . CCA provides a forum for partnerships, community involvement and participation, and interagency cooperation and collaboration by focusing on the issues with data-driven decision-making, evidence-based strategies and the risk and protective factors. There are four key roles the agency incorporates including:
• Membership
• Funding & Oversight
• Training & Technical Assistance
• Partnership Engagement

CCA Membership Benefits

  • Adobe Connect and Survey Monkey Subscription
  • Merit Nonprofit Professional Development
  • Narcan and Deterra Drug Deactivation Kits


The members of CCA are comprised of county-level community coalitions addressing substance use as well as other areas impacting their community. These community coalitions are made of parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health providers and other community activists who mobilize at the local level to make their communities safer and healthier, addressing substance use.

Funding & Oversight

While CCA includes a membership of coalitions, it also serve s as a funding entity to provide its members with contracts to provide community level prevention services. In this role, CCA is charged with contract oversight to ensure compliance with federal and state mandates, requirements, and expectations. This oversight includes monitoring initiatives, deliverable tracking, and technical assistance. Additionally, CCA must provide various reporting and documentation to its funders.

Training & Technical Assistance

As a coalition of coalitions, CCA promotes ongoing workforce capacity enhancement efforts and provides a variety of opportunities for training and technical assistance. CCA strives to serve as the go-to of prevention and behavioral health for Flor ida . Partnership Engagement: The last component of CCA is its work to engage and establish partnerships with other community agencies, state agencies, and other organizations that could provide beneficial partnerships for its members. These partner engagements require ongoing communication and rapport building, leveraging of efforts, sharing and collaborating on reports/event/efforts, and participating in a variety of meetings.

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