How We Formed

In 2008, the Community Coalition Alliance (CCA) was developed in response to a request from a Federal Project Officer to meet as a group and provide mentoring to one another. CCA provides a forum for partnerships, community involvement and participation, and interagency cooperation and collaboration by focusing on the issues with data-driven decision-making, evidence-based strategies and the risk and protective factors of youth. The group is comprised of members of community coalitions, who are made up of parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health providers and other community activists who mobilize at the local level to make their communities safer, healthier and drug-free.

By Laws

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Values Statement

Collaboration– CCA is a collaborative of community coalitions around the State of Florida, each focusing their direct efforts on their individual neighborhoods and communities but committed to sharing resources, best-practices, training and mentoring. Diversity– CCA recognizes and fiercely supports the unique identity of each coalition as it reflects the strengths and challenges of its community. Innovation– CCA seeks innovative approaches to addressing the substance abuse and mental health issues of our communities, and stays abreast of issues within our communities, new trends locally and throughout the US, and best practices. Outcome Driven– CCA calls its members and the organization to focus efforts on planning and implementing strategies and activities with tangible, measurable outcomes. Commitment– CCA consists of member coalitions who dedicate their organizations to promoting their local mission, and to working together to support each other in our efforts. Advocacy– CCA is dedicated to impacting policies on a local, state and national level that impact the public health in the areas of substance abuse and mental health, and ensuring our communities have access to healthy and supportive environments.